Tom Yingling hockey night in jamaica

Hockey Night in Jamaica

Hockey Night In Jamaica was founded in 2010 when Team Yingling was heading down to Jamaica for a holiday. After watching the movie Cool Runnings, which is based on the Jamaica Bobsled Team at the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics, and doing a little research, it was discovered that much of Jamaica is not all Big Hotels, beautiful rich beaches that everyone enjoys but rather there are very needy people in Jamaica. As Tom was coaching hockey and all three of his sons where playing hockey it was decided that if the Jamaicans can Bobsled then we can teach them how to play hockey, or at least use this idea to form a charity. Thus Hockey Night in Jamaica was founded. The premise initially was to fill hockey bags, placed at several South Delta Schools, with toiletry items and school supplies. This changed to cash fundraisers in later years as transporting 12 large hockey bags was cumbersome and would have been very expensive if Air Canada did not comp it for the Charity. Hockey Night in Jamaica continues to move forward and you can help the people of Jamaica by working with Tom as part of commission from every transaction Tom completes is donated to Hockey Night in Jamaica.